I have been constantly asked the above question over and over but here are the most remarkable benefits of using BREATHABLE NAIL POLISH.

First and foremost, it is all about “nail care and hygiene”.  The breathable technology is centered around the idea of air and water getting to the nail surface.  Let’s think of it this way.  If you covered your nicely manicured very green lawns with a piece of carpet for a few days and then remove the carpet, what happens……you get yellow grass that is almost dying or have died.  Well, similarly this will happen to your nails.  While your nails get its nutrients and oxygen from the blood stream connected to the nail bed and one can argue that the surface of the nail is dead.  Ahh, no that is not true.  The body produces oil through the nails which helps to keep the nail surface hydrated, clean and aerated.  This in turn assist in the nail’s hygiene and would lessen the effect of yellowing, fungus and other diseases. Traditional nail polishes have a non-porous film that does not allow any interaction like the covered lawn.

Here is how the technology works:

In regular nail polish the molecules are tightly packed and disallows any penetration of water or air.  With breathable nail polish, the molecules are less packed tightly. In other words, it is like having tiny holes which allows water and air to penetrate. 

Here is an illustration of the molecular structure in a breathable polish.



Nails produce an amount of oil on the surface to keep it nice and moist. It is your body’s natural function. However, if you choose to block that function by applying opaque nail polish then that film that has no air holes will not allow the oils to penetrate the surface.  Therefore, over time your nail will weaken.  On the other hand, due to the tiny holes or the porous nature of the nail polish film, using ZIMAH’S breathable nail polish will facilitate your natural oils to move around and therefore keep your nails hydrated and healthy. 

When your nails are healthy and hydrated, nail polish application is easy.  The final product glows on your nail.  One of the great benefits of Breathable is that your nails will not chip as easily and ZIMAH’s nail polish will last 5-7 days without chipping.  The main reason is that your natural oils are able to penetrate and move around quite easily thus fortifying your over nails.

When you use breathable nail polish, there is no need for a base coat.  ZIMAH’S breathable nail polish’s sits very well reacting directly with your nail’s surface. 

Now let’s talk about toxin free.  ZIMAH’S nail polish is free of harsh chemicals.  Toxins are not good for your body, nor the environment.  If you did not know what was in your traditional nail polish, here it is.  Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, xylene, parabens, phthalates, toluene, DBP, camphor etc.  Do you know that toxic fumes emanate from this chemical during the application process?  This is inhaled by you, your provider and the entire surrounding.  While all chemicals cannot be avoided in the product itself, the harmful ones have been completed striped out. 

Dry time:  Breathable nail polishes dry faster than traditional nail polishes.  Due to the porous nature of the nail polish film, air passes through and quickly dries the nails.  Say goodbye to wasting time, sitting under dryer and getting bored for the loss of usage of your fingers especially if you need to pick your nostrils.


Breathable Nail polishes is for every one and should be everyone’s concern.  Some religious groups, such as the Muslim community who practices their religion and were not able to pray in nail polish can now do so.  It is required for the nails to be cleansed before prayers (the ablution process, which is a ritual performed before each prayer) and ZIMAH’S breathable nail polish provides that comfort. 

Alcohol free formulation:  Alcohol while is an antiseptic, can also dry the oils out of your nails and make them dry, brittle and unhealthy. For the Muslim community, alcohol is prohibited.  ZIMAH’S nail polish is alcohol free.

Vegan Friendly and Cruelty free:  There are no animal or animal by products in ZIMAH’S nail polish formulation and has not being tested on animals.  We do care for not only our humans but also for our animals and the environment. 

Overall it is a win, win situation, so go out and purchase your favorite colors from ZIMAH Collection.

Love Zimah

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