5-Step Routine to your DIY Manicure


Here are my 5- step routine that will have your nails looking salon fresh from the comfort of your own room.

Why not sport a perfect manicure every time?

With today’s technology no one wants to use nail polishes that are filled with chemicals, takes a long time to dry and is still smudgy. Everyone wants to save time. So, Zimah nail polishes are formulated with all of the above in mind. Zimah carries a collection of several vibrant colors to pick from and are truly your number one brand of breathable, alcohol-free, and vegan nail polish.

Step 1. Take a cleanser or cleansing pad and wipe your fingernails thoroughly in order to remove any oil residue. Your nails do produce oils.

Step 2. Then pick your favorite Zimah nail polish and glide the brush over each fingernail. Make sure you coat the surface from base to tip.

Step 3. Then apply a second layer of color smoothly to each nail. Give each coat 1.5 minutes to set.

Step 4. Seal your color with Zimah top coat. The key to avoid chipping, is to make sure you carefully cover the tips of your nails very well. Allow another 1.5 minutes for the finished product to dry. The dry time with Zimah breathable nail polish is less. Air is allowed to pass through, hence reducing the dry time.

Step 5. Final step of my 5-step routine. Once or twice a week, apply one coat of cuticle oil over your cuticles. This will ensure your nails stay healthy and happy. A good way to keep your manicure fresh and prolong, is to apply a top coat to the tips of your nails every 2 days.

I make my own cuticle oil by combining my favorite oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint and olive oils with coconut oil. You can make yours by adding your favorite oils too. I am sure you will not regret my 5-step routine, just try it!!!

Love Zimah

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