The Head Scarf – the Hijabi Muslim:

Often you will hear persons asking what is a hijab and why do we wear a hijab…..

Do you know that National Hijab Day is celebrated on the first day of February each year? This was a cause fought for by a New Yorker “Nazma Khan” in 2013 and is now celebrated in several countries around the world with the intent to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab. The whole idea is focused on awareness, greater religious understanding, and tolerance and spreading peace joy amount our communities.
Here are a few facts about the hijab:
What is a hijab?

A hijab is an Arabic word that translates to the meaning of a headscarf (covering). Now there are other names used such as khimar, niqab, burqa, and chador but they are different from a hijab and I will explain later on. 

The hijab or headscarf is supposed to cover the hair and neck leaving the face open.

Why do women wear a hijab? I am sure everyone has encountered this question at some point or the other.

Well, there is a verse in the Quran that says “oh believing women, wrap your headscarf around your chest” and a hadith that further says cover yourself except your face and hands during prayers and in the presence of the opposite sex other than close family members.

Now, the books also talk about men too …they are not entirely off the hook when it comes to modesty. The books say men must cover from their belly buttons to their knees and they must lower their gaze when in public or among strangers.

Getting back to the hijab and women….

What does the hijab symbolize? In one sentence, it all about modesty and behavior for both men and women.

What is the purpose of the hijab? Modesty, especially in public or among strangers but most women will tell you why they like the hijab as it signifies the purpose whereby a man should know her for her mind, her inner beauty and not her external beauty or body.

Fashion: Today, the hijab has become more and more fashionably as we have seen several models on the runway around the world displaying their hijabs. It has become something much more than ever before, a fashion and a lifestyle that we all can look at and admire. To name a few models, Halima Aden, Maria Idrissi, Ikram Abdi Omar, Ruba Zai, Nura Affia.

Here are some of my personal favorite sites that you can check out for happy shopping:

Other Head Wear:

Now just a quick few sentences on the other traditional wears that I mentioned above and should not be confused with the hijab.

Burka or Burqa – covers the entire body including the face.

Niqab – covers the face, showing only the eyes

Khimar – covers the head, neck and shoulders.

Chador – a fully draped body cover, showing only the eyes and face. (it is a huge drape starting from the head and ending close to the waistline)

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