5 Must haves in any woman’s closet


Over the years, I have always struggled with the question of “what are the must have’s” that I should keep in my closet. Each year I would go through several style transformations. From my experience in picking the pieces, I realized that I should pay attention to what meets the eyes first. Today, here my “5 must haves in my closet” I think are necessary to have.



A black blazer or black abaya – with this piece you can complete any outfit on any day or time. This piece does not have to be super expensive nor super cheap. Make sure that it has a tailored fit to your body type. It’s the sharpness that counts

Scarfs whether head or neck: Make sure you pick a color of head scarf that you can get multiple wears. A solid color such as black or white can be very appropriate. Neck scarfs can be more colorful that can be incorporated with multiple pieces of solid colors

Shoes – there is no one who does not like a good pair of comfortable shoes. Choose the height that you are most comfortable with. My first good pair of shoes was from Cole Haan and lasted for several years. It was a very classic look, black, 3.5 inches and extremely comfortable. There are several brands out there that are very affordable. Remember, a good pair of shoes in terms of fit and feel is extremely important. You may pay a little more than usual but in my opinion it will be worthy. Not having the right fit can lead to problems with your feet over time. A nice pair of black shoes should allow you to mix and match perfectly well.

Classic hand bag: Look for a bag that possess a structure and will fit your needs. A clutch to work will obviously be too small. Think about all the essential items you need to fit and will take around with you before you make a choice. Handbags, sometimes can be an investment, so be careful when make the purchasing choice. A few colors works very well with any outfit such as black, brown or tan.

Accessories: – an over-sized watch, or statement necklace together with a creative mind can make any look very powerful.

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