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If you are like me, you will spend a life time looking for a good mascara.  I am so tired of looking that I decided it is time to put the pedal to metal with my new line of mascara.  Here are a few things that I have learnt from the whole experience.

  • Know your lash type

Knowing your lash type will assist in choosing the right mascara that gives you the desired outlook.  Are you looking for volume and lift, increasing length, maintaining thickness and curling and most of all, quite a nice shiny black finish?  I think all of us will like to have at least one if not all of the above.

  • Know the brush type that will align with what you want to achieve

It’s all in the brushes (like a baby, it’s all in the poop).  Here are a few brushes to help you make the choices.

  •  This is an oversized big, bold and beautiful brush that gives volume to your lashes if used correctly.  Start from the bottom up and apply in long steady strokes from the center of the eye and working your way through.  The lashes are longer at the center and you will want to emphasize that.

  • This is a cone shaped brush with a precision tip that will help to separate the lashes and the rounded base will add plenty of volume from any distance. It will also help to curl the lashes upwards; however, it does not add as much volume as the first brush.  The shorter bristles at the tip of the brush is good for the corner of the eyes and the shorter lashes.  It does give a very dramatic look at the end especially if you like the cat eye look.

  • The curved brush is good for fanning out the curls and at the same time lengthen the lashes and keep them in a curl out position.  Hold the brush firmly and apply even strokes from the bottom and in upward movement create those long fanned out lashes. Be careful not to apply too much of mascara at the top of the lashes as it weighs the lashes downward. Stay light as you get to the top.

  • This is a ball tipped brush.   Not my favorite brush and I do have a lot of difficulty in getting my desired results but it does work for a lot of others, so give it a try.  The ball is designed to use on the shorter and bottom lashes without clumping and smudging the lashes.

  • This is a skinny micro wand.  This wand is very good for adding length and definition.  This will not add a lot of volume if you are looking for volume.  This is a good wand to use if you have very thick lashes. 

  •  This is s a short but fat bristle wand if you are looking for a doll like look.  It adds a lot of volume but if not used correctly can clump your lashes.

  • This is a comb like brush and is good at giving a precise definition.  This is good if you have thin sparse lashes and add some amount of volume, however it does not offer good chances when it comes to clumping of the lashes.
  • Know how to care your lashes and strengthen them over the years         

              1)   Make sure you clean your makeup and mascara off your eyes daily especially before bed                                                                                  

2)   Use a brush to comb your eyelids and keep them nice and clean each day. This helps to stimulate growth as it will distribute evenly your own natural oils produced                                                                                   
3)  Use a serum each night that will provide nutrients and stimulate growth and revitalization                                                                                         
4)   If you don’t have purchased products, olive oil or coconut oil is very good. Apply gently before bed.
    • Research products that can put nutrients back into the growth of your lashes                                                                                                                   1)   Green Tea: Simply DIY as taking a cotton ball and dip into tea and rub it gently over the lashes. Tea will stimulate growth and clean the follicles 
    2)   Coconut Oil: This is packed with fatty acids and is very good in strengthening the lashes                                                                             
    3)   Products in the market are Vichy LiftActiv Serum, RevitaLash advanced Eyelash Conditioner, Lance Lash Serum Intense, Rodan & Fields Enhancements Lash Boost, NeuLash Enhancing Serum, RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to die for Turbo Night time Eye Lash treatment (my favorite) Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum
    • Over time lashes do disappear, therefore create a routine maintenance to save your lashes.
    • Share the love, Spread the word.

    Top Product Picks for Mascara:

    Lancome Definicils Mascara, Maybelline Great Lash, Armani Eyes to kill, Loreal, YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils, Urban Decay and NYX

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