1. Remove every bit or trace of makeup before you go to bed:

Makeup do clog pores, dries the moisture out of your skin which in turn causes aging to occur faster than normal

  • Gently wipe your skin clean until there is no further residue
  • Choose a toner that will soothe the skin after cleaning. This will make your face ready for the application of moisturizer

2. Use an overnight cream / serum: 

  • Apply moisturizer or whichever night cream you desire to depend on your skin type. You can use nice creams such as a brightening agent, a moisturizer, an anti-aging cream, a blemish remover or hydrating serum
  • It is a great concept to use products at night as the skin is at rest and very relaxed
  • It is less likely you will touch or wipe your face during the night letting products work their best

SCAR REMOVAL agents: using topical lighteners or scar removal creams overnight should only be used up to three times a week. The high chemical and steroid components can dry out your skin. Use for the remaining nights a good moisturizer.

3. Keeping yourself hydrated:

  •  A glass of water is very good to drink every night before bed. Some persons like to flavor their water by adding citric but be careful as it can produce more acids to the stomach at night. Acidic stomach creates coughing at night and loss of sleep.

4. Eat a light dinner and ensure adequate time between your last meal and bedtime: 

  •  Stay away from heavy foods deep fried or contains complex dairy products and processed foods
  • Eat a light dinner consisting of lean meat or protein, salad and simple carbs. Avoid carbonated drinks or especially alcohol.

5. Relax ! And finally “the five beauty tips you will never regret”.

A point to note: If you are extremely stressed or over worked, diets and workouts may not work. It is important to take time out for yourself each week, whether it be a nice clean up, a spa or something you can do at home to relax your tired muscles and rejuvenate your skin. Don’t forget to keep your monthly salon appointments and eat healthy as much as possible.

Try some scented candles, play some calming music, you will be surprised to know how good these simple things can make you look and feel better each day!!!!

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